Sunday, February 12, 2012

"Rest" ~ A beautiful concept

It's been a relaxing weekend. Starting with dinner and quality time at Mom and Dad's on Friday, followed by lots of sleep, movie watching and lazing about yesterday and most of today. It has been good. Good for my mind, body and soul. Good for our marriage, our relationship, though a little hard on our house since there is housework to be done... but oh well ;-)

My physical symptoms have been quieter the past few days, even the fatigue has been muffled, not overpowering like before. I'm pretty sure I had the energy and physical ability to accomplish at least a couple "projects" around the house, but I chose to rest, relax and laze about. For half a second I felt guilty about this. Yikes, I am lazy!! But I didn't let myself feel too bad for too long because sometimes, when you're living with chronic pain and fatigue, when you're working all week long and feel like you're just barely making it through the week... sometimes you just need to rest. Whether in a flare or not, if the body doesn't get the rest it needs periodically, it will eventually make you give it rest. Besides, one would think (hope?) that if one gives the body enough rest when not in a flare perhaps the flare will wait or at least be less severe.

So, here's to rest, relaxation and the weekend reprieve. May you (we) all feel rejuvenated for Monday.

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