Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Winter Can't Last Forever

Before you read this I would like to say... please don't see this post (or any of my posts for that matter,) as simple ingratitude, whining or lack of wanting to do what I can. I am simply describing my feelings and doing my best to be honest. It's actually very therapeutic, so THANK YOU for letting me vent!  =)

This last weekend was pretty lame, as in, I was pretty lame. I filed our taxes on Saturday and then proceeded to clean out and organize the filing cabinet. I made it so far as spreading piles of paper all over the floor and then crashed. I barely made it to the bedroom to fall onto the bed. The remainder of the weekend was spent mainly in bed, sleeping and watching television. I had zero energy, hardly any strength and an incompetent brain. It was bad.

Fast forward to the work week... I feel like I could sleep for a literal week. I have a list of things to get done at work and a house that needs tending (not that Michael doesn't help me out, but it's not quite the same as me doing it and besides, it's "my job" as a loving wife) but I can hardly stay focused or muster the strength so only the absolute priorities get done. I suppose today was a good day at work, though I think the cutting, reaching, climbing and stapling was a bit much. About halfway through the day I started to crash. Thankfully I only had desk-work left to do so I spent the majority of the afternoon sitting down. By the time I made it home my whole body was aching. I almost cried when I remembered it was only Tuesday!

I keep hoping and praying that this is only a season, a bump in the road, a trial that will not last forever. Something's got to give, I have to make it out of this valley to the real world once again. I know God has promised a new life after this broken one, but frankly I hope I don't have to wait until then. We're not in Narnia and Winter can't last forever, right?

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