Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Autumn Waning

Winter is coming fast upon us.  The Autumn chill is developing a wintry bite.  Driving home in the twilight is so disheartening.  I am still wishing for the West Coast to do away with daylight savings because when we change our clocks back that one hour our world all of a sudden turns dark.  It's like Winter comes overnight.  How glorious it is in the Spring, when we "gain" an hour of daylight... but is it worth the gloom that comes when we must give that hour back?

I used to swear that I loved the rain, no matter when, where or how cold it was.  The cool droplets brought my soul to life, gave inspiration to my mind and awoke my sleeping heart.  I did not feel safe in the sunlight, did not have the joy to bask in it.  Rain was my solace.  Since those troubled, unsure, growing up years, my heart has changed and grown.  No longer do I dread the light and happiness of others, no more do I pray for the rain.  I enjoy the Summer and basking in the warmth.  When the downpours arrive and darkness comes early, I find myself hoping for just one more day of warmth, just one last weekend of sun.  I cannot wait for Spring.


  1. So glad you are welcoming sunlight now Cassie. I love both the rain and the sun but just not too much rain! The darkness of Winter used to feel like a suffocating very dark... for the longest time. Now I realize it was depression. It is so different for me now.

    Also..we miss you coming to church!! ;) Please come home prodigal daughter! Your family here loves you and your husband.

    Love you!

  2. Oh, me too! This past summer especially, I've absolutely loved the heat and sunshine. Which is weird for me, I also used to swear I loved the rain (which was and is true, but I think I said that at first because I wanted to be just like YOU!) And I still do, just not the relentless, never-ending crap we can get here.
    And I love that you're enoying sunshine now, too! Let your light shine sis, and let the Light shine on you. =) (pssst you're my favorite!)

  3. I love the way you explained how you felt about rain in the past, and why & how you have grown in your thinking. Good to know you are embracing the sunshine and light! I have definitely seen this in you. You laugh so easily now, and are so much more relaxed. And I LOVE the relationship you & Amanda have...don't ever let anything mess that up! It's really special. I couldn't have asked for two more amazing girls =)


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