Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Great Doctor

       My rheumatologist is a sweetheart.  She shows genuine care and concern, takes all the time needed to answer any questions and put my mind at ease, makes me feel like she wants the absolute best for me.  Aren't these traits something that every physician should possess?  Is there such a thing as an unkind physician?  You bet there is!  I've heard stories of doctors in all fields of medicine, including rheumatology, who belittle patients, making them feel like either "it's all in their head" or it really is no big deal and won't you please stop whining.  I even had the opportunity (only once) to meet with a family physician who made me feel like a nuisance.  Let me tell you, I was thrilled when I found out she was moving to a different practice!
       My point is not to rant about the downfalls of physicians in modern society, nor to steer anyone away or toward a particular physician or medical practice.  The point I am trying to make is a simple one:  DO NOT SETTLE.  If you don't feel comfortable with your current physician, if they make you feel bad about yourself or your symptoms, if their personality rubs you the wrong way, if their bedside manner leaves something to be desired... don't stay with them.  If there is any possible way to try a new doctor, DO IT!  You will never have the optimal results in your medical treatment if you don't feel comfortable with and trust your physician.

I AM GRATEFUL.  I have been blessed with a genuine kindhearted doctor who is helping guide me along this medical journey.  Her soft personality, warm smile and friendly demeanor are a perfect fit for my hesitant, apprehensive, anxious nerves.  I am so glad to have been gifted with a fantastic physician on the first try!  I know many are not as blessed as I and my advice to those of you who struggle to find "the one" is don't give up.  There are many caring physicians (rheumatologists included!) who want only the best for their patients.  I'm so grateful I have one of them.  =)


  1. Your picture is very true. A good doctor treats the disease and a great doctor treats the patient.

  2. I couldn't agree with you more! Without a great doctor/patient relationship things can be soooo much more difficult on this journey. So much truth to this post. You are motivating me to get going and find that perfect ra doctor once again. Thank You.


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