Monday, August 29, 2011

Garfield Got it Right

It was certainly a Monday, ALL DAY LONG, beginning last night nonetheless...

The bathtub suddenly filled with "dirty" water right after Michael took his shower, while my load of laundry was rinsing.

We tried numerous variations of plunging, flushing, dumping yada yada yada.... nothing worked.  I started panicking about the cost and how bad it probably was and "Oh my GOSH! How are we going to fix this?!?!"

Finally I was calmed down enough to go to bed, at midnight.... and let my darling husband stay home and worry about it tomorrow (today) while I was at work.

So I go to work this morning like usual - tired and grumpy and sore, like usual - and do my best to muddle through my super long to do list... wait, didn't I finish my list on Friday?!  No of course not, and besides, it's a new week so new to do's.
Hold on, I can't even start on my list because my keyboard is not working!!  I crawl underneath the massive oak desk to find the keyboard cable amongst the rat's nest of cords, cables and plugs... I spend 20 minutes trying to find the cable and make sure it's plugged in, keyboard still no worky.  Arghhh!!!!!!  What the heck!!  Okay fine, I'll restart the stupid machine.  That fixed it, all is working as it should.  What a waste of time I don't have!

Finally I was hooked up, plugged in and ready to get down to business!  Oh good, another interruption, someone needs something... or has a question, or calls me out to the front desk, or asks my opinion on something they should be taking ownership of...yada yada... seriously, a bit aggravating and downright distracting.

I suppose when all is said and done I accomplished the basic tasks that absolutely HAD to be completed today.  I sure hope tomorrow is easier, cause I am not up for another MONDAY!  Today was.. just... too.... exhaustin....zzzzzzz

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