Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Just a Rant

I love the rain, I love the cold...
I love the rain, I love the cold...
I love the rain, I love the cold... nope, still not buying it.
The rain and I used to be great friends, constant companions, but in the last few years (or is it months?) my body has become less and less tolerant of the cold and constant drizzle.  My heart needs.. scratch that, my BODY needs some warmth!
I'm trying so very hard to stay positive and simply be grateful we don't have to worry about drought or fires or blazing heat (my body wouldn't be too happy with temps over 90,) but I have just about had it!  When I'm wearing winter sweaters to work in mid July something is very wrong with this picture.  My fingers and toes ache, hips and knees don't move on command, I have to remind myself to stand up and loosen up at least once an hour... I'm getting cranky.  Scratch that, I AM cranky.  I want to whine, cry, kick something, throw a tantrum.  None of that will change anything of course, though it may warm my blood up a bit... hmm... ;-)


  1. I am a cooler weather person myself, I like the 65-70 range of weather, but you're right it's getting a little hard to have rain every other day in July. I'm praying my tomatoes make it through. However, this is not in any way asking for 90 degree weather at all. : )
    *Kristin Frank

  2. I'm with you...I think it's time for "La Nina" to GO HOME and leave us alone!!! Hahahah...

    Look on the bright side though...your anniversary will be celebrated in relative comfort compared to your wedding day =) Though it WAS one of the most precious & beautiful days of my life. By the way...congrats on FIVE YEARS together!!!

    I've read that adding cayenne pepper to your daily "supplement" regimen can warm up a cold body. Hmmmmmm...I wonder? Don't know if it would be worth it!


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